Follow Friday ~ A Few Blogs Which Have Taken Me Down a Rabbit Hole…

Down the Rabbit Hole

I love the Friday Follow prompt if only because it takes me out of my insular genealogical research world and allows me to connect with the research of others.  Time restraints and my desire to live life away from a computer screen often deters me from browsing the blogs of others.  When I do however I find I am taken down a rabbit hole and led on an adventure into the stories of others.  Some may believe it is a waste of time journeying into the genealogical worlds of others but occasionally I find it as intriguing as reading a novel or biography; And learning through the research process of other like minded individuals can revitalize and redirect your own research, whether through tips and tricks, a lead on new records and sources, or simply sheer inspiration!

THE KEEPER OF STORIES ~ Just plain inspiring!

a la French Research Blog ~ Great help for a French-Canadian such as myself!

A Pocket Full of Family Memories ~ Beautiful family tales with visual appeal!

Victorian Supersleuth: Investigating 19th Century Crime ~ Fun for people like me with a British Victorian Murderer lurking in their family’s Past and Intriguing!

The Virtual Victorian ~ Simply fun Victorian research tidbits!

A Canadian Family ~ Another French-Canadian connection!

Ancestoring ~ Great tips and information!

Roots and Ramblings ~ Article Finding Charlotte ~ An inspiring brick wall break through…love these!
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