Tuesday Treasures ~ Memories In Tiny Teacups!

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Heirlooms and keepsakes are lovely tactile and visual reminders of our past, of loved ones distant or passed, and of our family history!  While some heirlooms are quite valuable monetarily, the value of others lie in the memories they hold, the imprint of ancestors they preserve. Glassware, china, silver, teddy bears, blankets, books, jewelry… to hide them away as a form of protection is tempting and I have admittedly bundled such treasures away in boxes and bins or upper cupboards out of harm’s way.  It is important to cherish what is important to you but I have recently learned that by disappearing keepsakes from sight also secret away the stories attached to them–forgotten!

I have decided, now that my children are older and have developed greater care and respect, to spirit my treasures out of hiding and to find ways to display them in a way which both honours their family significance and adds warmth and character to my home.  Today, I rescued my tiny teacups from the obscurity of my cupboard.  These miniature china cups and saucers were my grandmother’s.  My Grandma Carter gave one to my mother.  When my mom was a child the teacup was employed as a receptacle of her lost teeth until the tooth fairy came to collect them.  The others were given to me and are to be my daughters’.  I have memories of their display in my mother’s china cabinet.  I haven’t a true china cabinet, and though I enjoy some traditional decor I always enjoy new twists which create interest and catch the eye!
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One thought on “Tuesday Treasures ~ Memories In Tiny Teacups!

  1. I have several sets of tea cups from my grandmother (1913-2010) and my mom (1933-2010) . . . I have always worried about them, but I am getting better about bringing them out, telling their stories and even using them for a little tea party with my granddaughter. I love how you displayed your miniature tea cups, they are just beautiful.


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