Sunday Obituary ~ Spanish-American War Vet and My Husband’s Great, Great Grandfather

Obituaries are one of the most incredibly rich sources of Family History information!  Not only can the names mentioned lead you to fill in the gaps in a family tree but a truly well written obituary can tell the story of one’s life, a brief biography which could take you into exciting forays of places and untold documents you possibly had not dreamed of exploring!

The Obituary of My Husband's Great-Great Grandfather Robert Henry Martin.

The Obituary of My Husband’s Great-Great Grandfather Robert Henry Martin.

Notice the number of research opportunities which crop up with just one mention in this wonderful obituary! The Dufferin-Haldimand Rifles Band, Spanish-American War Records for the US Army, his address in Brantford (and yes google map it because old homes are not always torn down), the National Guard in Pennsylvania, the second Regiment of Pennsylvania, Of course it details the usual death information is there to be verified, where and when he was born and when he emigrated both to the US and then Canada; Even the date of his naturalization as a US citizen is listed!

There is mention of his rug-weaving business, his musical involvement, his church, and his many interests! This and the names of family members which we are often in search of makes this obituary a treasure trove of family knowledge, a great launch for further research and a rare glimpse into the life of an ancestor as an individual–a person rather than just a name and date on a page!


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