About Me

UK2013 339

In Wales.

I am a creature of contradictions!  I am a professional who is a home-body; A mother of three with an independent spirit; An academic nerd with a love of the stylish and the aesthetic.  I am a modern woman who cherishes antiquity.  A former “mommy blogger”, I realized I struggled with advising stay-at-home-moms.  Imparting my “infinite mommy wisdom” and advertising products–which were truly beyond necessity–became mundane.  I wanted to write, write about my passions which included both my family and that which inspired me in life.  I am an archaeologist and a teacher, a writer and an artisan,  but my latest passion is genealogy!  Part mystery, part history, and a whole lot of family, genealogy is not solely academic but personal.  Understanding the origins of my family has empowered me in unexpected ways.  It has forged greater bonds with family members, and created an environment of open family communication, and storytelling.  Genealogy is not just history but history in action; The loving creation of family memories!

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