Friday Follows ~ Diversions Can Be Practical!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Sorry this was posted late!  My internet went down yesterday.  This is when I realize that reliance of technology can be dangerous! Some great finds this week and the excitement of being interviewed for the Geneablogger series “May I Introduce…” It was a good exercise in self-reflection answering the interview questions.  It definitely gave me reason to contemplate my research and re-evaluate my goals!

The Practical Archivist: Tips and tricks to deal with your archival materials.

~ Family Oral History Using Digital Tools : Amazing articles on ways you can use new technology to record oral histories and also some great ways to prompt oral histories and conversations about family history!  Loved this one about the Census and talking to the blog author’s mother!

Opening Doors in Brick Walls: It was through this site that I discovered Colleen Greene but it also provides great information in its own right!  Lovely family stories which help guide you through the genealogical research process.

Colleen Greene: Colleen Greene is my favourite find this week! Not only is she a Genealogist she’s a librarian, and a web designer.  Because she has a knowledge base in web design and html she has provided fabulous articles on how to improve your blog and how to use my newest genealogy tool, Evernote!  I’m excited to work through her past posts to hopefully gain a better grasp of what this tool can do for me!

Ancestories: Always has great Friday Finds and Follows and she has some great series posts.  I think I will need to try the series of posts on Getting More Traffic to My Blog 😉

Being a Beginner Again from the blog “Life From The Roots” : Great little article that helps put things in perspective.  We all start over as genealogists each time we start a new area of research or delve into the history of a new ancestor…no one is alone!

~ Genealogy Tip of the Day and Genealogy Search Tip of the Day : Always looking for tips, advice, and reminders but it is often hard to find the time to scour the internet and read countless articles.  I like these quick tips!
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Friday Follow ~~ Following the White Rabbit…again!

Down the Rabbit Hole

This week I took a little tour and once again followed that white rabbit to distraction!

~ Kingston Penitentiary Inmates, 1913-1916 ~ This was too fun to resist!  I am unaware of any black sheep in my family who called the Kingston Penitentiary home but what a great resource for those who might!

~Family Tree Frog ~ What an enjoyable read!  I found myself chuckling as I read the delightful conversational style posts and I soaked up some great genealogy goal ideas for the year!

~ Find My Past ~ FREE weekend!  Take this opportunity to peruse this subscription website’s record collections free of charge.  I’ve already found some fabulous documents not available on

~ Jana’s Genealogy and Family History Blog ~ She has some fabulous Finds on Fridays….she even included me one Friday which is an indication of her good taste, of course! Some great resources listed there this Friday!!

~ Ginisology ~A lovely balanced mix of personal genealogy and valuable information for genealogists in general!  There is a true sense of geneablogger “community” in her posts as a whole!

~ Black Raven Genealogy ~ Enjoyable tales of Irish personal genealogy discover which is quaint and inspiring!

Now I’m off to explore Find My Past and navigate through Jana’s list of amazing new links! Look forward to the Weekend before it becomes the past!
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