Just can’t keep silent on Wordless Wednesday!

Grandpa, Harold Carter and his brother, Merrill Carter.

Grandpa, Harold Carter and his brother, Merrill Carter.

Wordless Wednesdays compel me to  sit on my hands, hands that are burning to speak through a dance across the keyboard!  I usually fight the desire to write, I  battle my yearning to indulge myself but tonight I just couldn’t contain the words.  I will refrain from giving more however than a brief historical snippet related to my Wordless Wednesday photo (which I am here to re-posting)!

I am sure there are a few curious individuals who viewed the photo of my grandfather and his brother as an error.  Why she has mistaken a photo of two little girls as a photograph of her grandfather and Great-uncle.  How very humourous!  This is not the case and I am sure there are many others who have viewed this photo with an experienced understanding of the fashion trends of the 1890s and early 1900s.

While this photo always raised a giggle from my mother, my aunts, my sister, and myself it was not uncommon at all to find lttle boys dressed in dresses during this period in history.  Though children’s clothing at the turn of the century had become more functional and comfortable, a little boy’s “Sunday Best” could include dresses–a popular fashion with mothers who felt their boys were too young yet for knee pants and tunics.  These garments were often worn with short knickers and long stockings in the winter, and in warmer weather worn– as in this photograph–with short white socks and strapped shoes or even barefoot when playing! The changing century did however give rise to new and changing fashion making this traditional dress rather antiquated! I absolutely love this photo!
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