Beyond “Mommy Blogging”

If you have read my “AbUK2013 281out Me” page then you know my least kept secret!  Yes, I was a “Mommy blogger”!  Perhaps you even caught installments of my former blog “Northern Mama”.  I am not sure whether “Mommy blogging” is technically a blog genre but we all know what I am referring to: Blogs written primarily by stay-at-home-moms, or mom’s with a little extra free time on their hands, imparting sage advice to the mommy masses, promoting products geared toward children, families, and tired moms looking to purchase their way out of life’s tedium, and drawing crowds of readers with their free product giveaways!

Don’t misunderstand, I love Mommy Blogs in fact I have many mommy blogging friends who are phenomenal at what they do.  If you put your heart and soul into blogging and it reflects who you truly are it is empowering.  As I would set up yet another giveaway or mull over the review for another product I realized I was not being true to myself.  I have never wished to be the all-seeing-all-knowing wizard of moms. I am not a product hoarder eager for the latest fad to filter down.  I love style but am a consignment shop browser.  I love home decor but I refurbish, reclaim, and lean toward the ethnic and eclectic antiquities.  Being a mom to me is not guided and directed through trends and the ideas or suggestions of others but rather is more  organic and instinctual in nature.

It has been almost five years since I decided “mommy blogging” was not a niche I felt at home inhabiting.  I don’t miss the free products, the trials and reviews, nor the random draws for reader giveaways.  I do however miss the writing which has always been an act of catharsis for me.  The hole created by not having a venue for writing has finally overpowered all my fears and misgivings and has provided me with the strength the turn over a new leaf and try something entirely different!  This blog may turn out to be as quirky and unpredictable as I myself am but I guess that means it will be truly reflective.

Northern Mama is my moniker, and Family History of course implies that this blog will focus on genealogy but I added Family Life because genealogy is not solely academic but is happening even now as we create new family memories  which tomorrow will be part of family history.  Family History also means sharing what one’s learned not hoarding it and hiding it away.  It needs to become a piece of daily life!  I may also broach historic subjects which may add context to family genealogy and of course recommend a bit of reading!  When it is all said and done I do genealogy with love!  A love of history, a love of solving mysteries, but most especially a love of family!